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Are you passionate about serving people? Do you enjoy science? Are you looking for a career that can be pursued in a variety of contexts? Then maybe God is calling you to pursue a program in the health sciences. In partnership with neighboring colleges, Emmaus offers several pathways to your future:

The Health Science programs at Emmaus can equip you to care for the whole person, physically and spiritually; it can give you a theological foundation for ethical issues in the health professions, and it can prepare you for a profession in a wide variety of contexts including the mission field.

The Health Sciences Scholarship

The Health Sciences Scholarship was established to extend the reach of the college with students who are pursuing studies in the field of health sciences, including Counseling Psychology. To be eligible, applicants must be pursuing a four-year degree in one of our Health Science or Counseling Psychology programs.


Health Sciences Scholarship Application

Health Science Featured Courses

Anatomy and Physiology 1
Introduces the structure and function of the human body, beginning with a study of the molecular, cellular and tissue levels, and continuing with emphasis on selected organ systems. Studies basic principles of human anatomy and physiology based on laboratory experimentation in microscopy and dissection, with emphasis on the atomic, cellular, tissue and organ system levels of organization.

Introduction to Maternal Child Health
Introductory study of the reproductive aspects of life as they affect the whole family. Includes basic principles underlying nursing skills necessary to promote optimum health and safety for mother/family during the maternity cycle. Introduces the nursing care of children, including care of well and sick children, with an emphasis on health needs of the child and family at different stages of their life spans.

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Health Science Graduates


The Health Sciences programs at Emmaus can prepare you for a variety of health care professions:

  • Nurse (RN or LPN)
  • Respiratory Therapist
  • Radiologic Technician
  • Paramedic
  • Medical Assistant
  • Dental Assistant
  • Physician*
  • Dentist*
  • Physician Assistant*
  • Physical Therapist*
  • Occupational Therapist*
  • Pharmacist*
  • Veterinarian*

*Further graduate level education required.

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