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Stephen Elliot- Computer Studies Chair

The Computer Studies Department

As the Chair of the Computer Studies Department at Emmaus Bible College, I want to invite you to take advantage of a very unique opportunity - the chance to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Information Systems at an institution where every student is also a Bible major. Our track record for the employability of graduates in our department speaks for itself, but we don't just train you for a vocation. At Emmaus, we teach courses of study that prepare you to be effective for eternity! Let's face it, there are lots of places you can go to get a computer education, but how many of them will also prepare you to invest your life in pursuits that have eternal value? This is the unique opportunity at Emmaus. Computer studies basically divide into two areas: Computer Science, and Computer Information Systems. At Emmaus, we have chosen to focus on the latter of these two areas. Our graduates are prepared to serve a business or ministry by analyzing their information technology needs, specifying the hardware, software and networks necessary to meet those needs, overseeing the implementation of those systems, and managing the resulting information technology infrastructure. In addition to studying our core coursework, you can select from several tracks that allow you to specialize in areas like computer security, network administration, open source software integration, and even the effective use of computer technology in ministry. Along the way, you will be prepared to take industry-standard certification exams that add to your personal credentials and demonstrate specific knowledge and skills to prospective employers. Overall, the double major in Bible/Theology and Computer Information Systems prepares you to be professional and effective in both your spiritual and vocational pursuits. What more could you want?

Stephen Elliot

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