Give toward Programs

Each year, Emmaus graduates launch their lives changed by the powerful Emmaus experience, by our uncompromised Bible teaching, and by the variety of professional and ministry-related programs of study that are available.

When you give toward programs at Emmaus, you support our mission to educate and equip learners to impact the world for Christ. Expanding and continuing academic and campus programs enables the fulfillment of our overall mission, providing degree options that meet job-market needs, as well as opportunities for on-campus and cross-cultural engagement. Summer trips, like the one to South Korea, enhance student experience and aid in enrollment, as will serving our core constituency with value-added publications.
“It is such a huge blessing that I have the opportunity to get a degree in business admin. AND Bible!”
– Kate

Opportunities for Partnership


Emmaus Fund (Greatest Need)

When you give to the Emmaus Fund, you enable us to continue to provide students with a high quality education that prepares them to impact the world for Christ wherever they live, work, and serve. The Emmaus Fund serves to provide those who partner with us an opportunity to ensure that their gift addresses an area of greatest need: preserving excellence in academic programs; providing funds to students to make their education more affordable; maintaining a safe, attractive, and modern campus that meets our students’ needs; and much more.

The unrestricted Emmaus Fund supports on-going programming and allows the college to use your gift wherever need is greatest.



Support the Emmaus Eagles and deepen your connection to the teams by joining the Talon Club. Businesses can sponsors the teams through the Eagles Corporate Club.


Program Endowment Funds

Emmaus’s long-term strength is through purposeful endowment growth. When you support the Emmaus Endowment Funds, you can provide lasting program support with a gift of any amount. These funds allow the college to leverage many gifts, so large and small contributions all add up to long-term strength. 

Choose from three Program Scholarship areas to provide endowed financial aid for students pursing these degree fields:

  • Missions & Ministry
  • Science & Technology
  • Professional

Can't decide? The General Endowment Fund provides aid where needed most and gives the college flexibility to invest in program growth.

Support the endowment funds through any of our Giving Options


Major Gift Opportunities

We are seeking donations to fund the programs below in their entirety or in sizable portions. Before making your gift, please contact Vice President for Advancement Chad Cunningham to discuss details and amounts at 563.588.8000 ext. 1124 or Mr. Cunningham would also be happy to discuss other project and program opportunities with you. 


Academic Programs

Master Program Development
Offering a Master's Degree is our next step. Opportunity to hire a new faculty to both oversee the program and teach. 


Enrollment & Marketing

Targeted ads with Answers in Genesis
We are seeing exciting growth and results from our partnership with Answers in Genesis and we desire to
increase our presence with them.

Branding Campus
Brand-cohesion on campus and first impressions are important. We desire to improve signage both internally and externally.


Thank you for giving to the school to help us have opportunities to grow in knowledge and love for the Lord while getting an education.
My time at Emmaus has been wonderful with the things I have learned, the friends I have made, and the priceless gift of studying the Word of God. Without your gifts, I may not have had the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful college.
Thank you for believing in a Christ-focused ministry that has given me a place to become the godly man I should be!