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Sheri Popp- Secondary Ed Program Director

The General Studies Department

Like all accredited colleges and universities, Emmaus requires that students complete a program in General Studies. You may be wondering why you need to take Introduction to Literature if your true love is Computer Information Systems. Or why you need to take Biology if you are planning to major in Biblical Studies. We, the faculty of the General Education Department at Emmaus Bible College, believe that the course work in our program of study can help prepare you for the demands of today’s job market. The ability to analyze and integrate information from a variety of sources and communicate that information clearly are vital skills in the work place. Not only are these skills vital in the job market, the content you learn in General Studies courses is an essential bridge between you and your neighbors and co-workers. Our mission states that we hope students become productive contributors to our society, which is accomplished through building a strong foundation in a breadth of academic areas. More importantly, because Bible is our middle name, we seek to teach these General Studies courses from a Biblical viewpoint. How do I interpret literature in light of my Christian Worldview? How does studying Western Civilization help me see God’s sovereignty played out on the stage of history? We are excited that you are exploring Emmaus Bible College’s program offerings. Majoring in a program here will allow you to take your general education courses with professors who teach from a uniquely Christian Worldview. We also offer an Associate of Arts in General Studies and minors in history and mathematics and would love to talk with you about any of these programs.

Sheri Popp

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