Each student will be assigned a mailbox number upon arrival to campus. If you would like to receive mail from family and friends they will be able to reach you at this address:

(Your Name)
(Your Mailbox Number)
Emmaus Bible College
2570 Asbury Road
Dubuque, IA 52001

Packages that are too large to fit in your mailbox will be delivered to the Front Desk and you will receive notification that you have a package to pick up.

Emmaus has a wonderful Chapel program in which we worship together and hear from guest speakers, faculty members, and fellow students throughout the week. The Chapel program includes three general chapels and one floor devotion per week and is required for all full-time students. This program adds richness to the Emmaus community and promotes spiritual growth beyond the classroom.

Plan to dress for the heat and humidity in August and September but be sure to pack a coat and gloves for the winter months! Casual attire (like sweatpants, pajama pants, and athletic shorts) are permitted in residence halls and community spaces but are not permitted in class or Chapel, so make sure you have some classroom-appropriate options. Certain special occasions require a more formal attire (guys will be expected to wear dress shirts, dress pants or khaki pants, and dress shoes; ladies should plan to wear dress shoes and dresses, skirts, or dress pants). We have a moderate dress code in which we encourage students in their clothing choices to exercise responsible freedom while representing themselves as image-bearers of God and ambassadors for Christ. Since we live in a community with differences in perspective regarding dress standards, these guidelines help students make decisions about personal appearance. Here are some general expectations to give you a good idea of what you should pack in your suitcase when you head to college:

  • Shorts, dresses, and skirts should be modest in length and not revealing.
  • Shirts and dresses should not be low-cut, haltered, strapless, one-strapped, off the shoulder, sideless, backless, or revealing the midriff.
  • Tight-fitting clothing should not be worn without shorts, a dress, a skirt, or a long shirt over top. Spandex/biker shorts should not be worn without shorts. Leggings, jeggings, and yoga pants can be worn with a long shirt.
  • Cut-off sleeveless shirts with large openings on the sides are not permitted.
  • T-shirts with graphics or words in contradiction to Emmaus’ values (e.g. content that is provocative in nature or promoting drug/alcohol culture) are not permitted.

Plan to bring along your sports equipment if you are interested in tennis, racquetball, softball, etc. Emmaus has a well-equipped fieldhouse and a competitive intramural program. The Dubuque community offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities including golf, ice-staking, downhill skiing – to name a few. Intercollegiate sports include men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s cross-country, men’s soccer and women’s volleyball. If you are interested in participating in an intercollegiate sport, please notify your Admissions Counselor, who can connect you with a member of our coaching staff.

The Dubuque area provides students with many opportunities for part-time employment. There are also many employment opportunities on campus. Applications for on-campus employment are available upon arrival. Full-time students are permitted to work a maximum of 24 hours per week (20 hours for International students). Be sure to bring any applicable employment identification form(s) in order to be authorized to work. Examples of employment identification include your Driver’s License and Social Security Card (must be original not a copy), Driver’s License and Birth Certificate (not a photocopy) or a US Passport. For a complete list of options go to and scroll to the last page. Please note that copies of documents are not acceptable. You must bring the originals.

Mental Health Services
The Student Life Department is committed to supporting our students in all areas of life during their time of being a student and mental health is no exception to the support we provide. We do have a professional mental health counselor on campus and students are welcome to make appointments with him throughout the year. If you have further questions about this service, please contact Mr. Heath Munson at

Student Life Questions
Contact the Student Life Office at