Summer Refresh 2023

Thanks to the generosity of donors, during the 2022-2023 year we received nearly $1 Million dollars of donor investment into multiple projects for Capital improvements around campus. We are immensely grateful for the Lord’s provision. 
What does nearly $1 Million in capital giving accomplish? Well, our strategic aims for capital projects are to improve high-use spaces and first impressions. We’re refreshing, renewing, and resurfacing strategic highly-used areas of the campus. Read on for examples. 
Replace main building windows

In early June if you drove by the campus, you would have seen a large orange boom lift hovering over the main building. Thirty windows were replaced in under a month. This project significantly improves building efficiency and enhances the look of the campus. What a difference these new windows have made in the first impressions of guests on our campus. Our goal is to replace additional windows each year.

Exterior building with rows of windows
Refresh Main Lobby

Over the past year, we have been slowly refreshing our main lobby entrance. We are excited to finish the project this summer. The full project included removal of unnecessary light and plant-boxes, creating a more open and inviting space. Installing LED lighting, a new ceiling, and new doors to Marble Chapel have updated the feel as well. A new flat screen monitor was installed to welcome guests and feature promotions for the college, while new seating and artwork round out the project.

Lobby with long tables with blue table cloths
Refresh Glock Auditorium

One of the most used spaces on campus is the beloved Glock Auditorium. From chapels to classes to concerts and conferences, this space is almost always in use during the year. And it's been in sore need of a refresh.

This refresh included paint throughout, staining the stage, audio and video upgrades, and new lighting.

Auditorium with renovation in progress; men working, scaffolding, and ladders.
Renew Pollard lobby/entrance and resurface gym floor

Details matter. And with our new emphasis on consistent brand presence, the need to resurface the gym floor rose to our attention. With three different “Eagle” logos on various surfaces, we are working to make the space consistent. Over a month and a half, we have seen the transformation of the gym floor become a reality. What a welcome upgrade!

Additionally, a refresh to the Pollard entryway and Eagle's Nest is underway with renewed paint, a focal wall featuring the logo, removal of a concrete barrier, and installation of the Athletics student-athlete mission, making the space a vital and valuable element of the Emmaus Community.

Gym floor featuring blue details and eagle logo
Refresh library entrance and hallways

If you have checked out a book, taken a class, or used a practice room recently, you know this space needed a refresh! Through the generosity of donors and the volunteer work of several friends from Chicago, we painted, installed a new ceiling and lighting, and replaced the carpet down the main hall of the library and down the two adjacent hallways. Bright and fresh, this highly-used space is ready for students!

Library entrance with open doors
Replace main electrical switch (yearlong project)

As the Lord continues to bless Emmaus with new students in our residential and online programs, we anticipate more capital improvements. A necessary step before accomplishing more projects is to relocate and install a new main electrical switch.

This summer we are working on preinstallation and prep: tree removal, digging for the pad for the unit, trenching for conduit, and connecting conduit inside the main building to the external unit. Other parts are ordered, and we hope to complete the project next summer.

Excavator next to concrete trench with men working outside building

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