Expect the Unexpected

Alumni Spotlight: Megan (class of '18)

What started out as a time of service to the Lord for Megan at a camp in Uganda, Africa, turned into an unexpected relationship and ministry focus.

It wasn’t technically love at first sight, but as Megan and Isaac served the Lord together at a camp in Uganda, they both had the feeling there might be more in store for one another. A shared passion for the Lord and serving people in Jesus’s name drew Megan and Isaac together and ultimately to the decision to share life together in marriage.

While there is more to the story, God is now using that shared passion for the people of Uganda to call Isaac and Megan to start and lead Equip Ministries Uganda. Their vision is to glorify God by providing intentional gospel-discipleship and essential services to meet the needs of the people in Buikwe Uganda. By living with and serving their neighbors, in Jesus name, they believe that the transforming power of the Gospel will break through to the hearts of people in Buikwe district.

Equipping students like Megan who possess the professional knowledge, heart passion, and willingness to serve God wherever He calls not only has a transformative impact on communities and individuals now, but also holds immense eternal benefit. We thank the Lord for using you to make Megan’s story a reality. Our ability to continually equip and educate students like Megan is made possible through the generosity of our ministry partners.

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