Church Leader Reference

Church Leader Reference

You've been asked to provide a reference for admission to Emmaus Bible College. Applicants must be capable of studying at the college level and living in community according to Christian standards and have a strong desire to serve others. Please be frank and fair in your assessment of the applicant’s suitability for Bible college. Emmaus requires that this reference be submitted by a leader of the applicant's local church (elder, youth leader, pastor, Sunday School teacher, etc.). It cannot be completed by a member of the family.

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Applicant Information

Applicant Name
Do you believe the applicant is a Christian?
How would you describe the applicant's involvement in church life?
How would you describe the applicant's involvement in school life?
Questions Below Average Average Above Average Not Observed
Would you recommend the applicant for study at Emmaus Bible College?
Would you like us to contact you further to discuss this applicant?