Raju Kunjummen, VP for Academic AffairsDear Parent,

An education at Emmaus Bible College can yield more than a college degree. It is an investment that can pay eternal dividends, providing a solid Biblical foundation for life and ministry. The college years are an exciting time in the lives of both students and parents. During these years, young men and women are becoming who they are going to be as adults. They make important life-decisions that affect their future success and their effectiveness in service for the Lord. At Emmaus, we are committed to teaching, challenging, and equipping your son or daughter for the future. My name is Raju Kunjummen, Vice President for Academic Affairs at Emmaus. My intention is to partner with you in making the educational experience at Emmaus Bible College the best that it can be for your son or daughter.

Be sure to explore our academic program options to see how they can prepare your son or daughter for success in life, both in ministry and vocation. You can also check out our tuition, financial aid information, and scholarship calculator to see how affordable an Emmaus education can be. Lastly, please take time to learn more about us as an institution, our history, what we believe, our mission, and more!

Vice President for Academic Affairs

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