College Classes for High School Students

Looking for a way to get a Jump Start on college? Take a look at the courses we have available for high school students! We have two options for you to consider. On campus classes give you a taste of college life and the opportunity to interact personally with your professor and fellow students. Online classes through Emmaus Distance Learning provide more flexibility. You can study from your desk at home or your favorite coffee shop. Whatever option you choose, you will enjoy high-quality academics taught by experienced faculty from a Christ-centered, biblical perspective.

College Courses for High School Students


Emmaus Distance Learning Courses
  • Get a Jump Start on college while you’re still in high school.
  • Pay just $165 per credit hour for high school juniors and seniors (fees and books not included).
  • Get to know your instructor and fellow students conveniently online.
  • Organize your studies based on your own schedule.
  • Shorten your time in college!
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Emmaus On-Campus Courses
  • Take your first on-campus course for free!
  • For additional courses, pay just $165 per credit hour for high school juniors and seniors (fees and books not included).
  • Connect with your professor and classmates in person.
  • Enjoy an exciting college atmosphere with free admission to all intercollegiate sporting events.
  • Shorten your time in college!
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Dual Credit Option

You may be able to receive dual credit for Emmaus courses. Dual credit means that one course meets requirements for both high school and college. You get twice the bang for your buck!  The low cost of dual credits can save you thousands of dollars in college costs.

Note: The decision to accept a college course for high school credit is up to your high school or school district. Check with your school counselor before beginning a college course for dual credit.

  • Completed sophomore year of high school
  • Minimum of 16 years of age
  • Cumulative high school GPA of 2.5 or higher (transcript required)
  • Must profess faith in Jesus Christ as Savior
  • Parental consent
  • Must earn a C or better in college courses to continue in Jump Start program
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