Minor in Intercultural Studies

Bible & Ministry Department


The minor in Intercultural Studies is a program of study designed to provide the student with the underlying philosophy of biblical missions, an in-depth study of cross-cultural life and work, and some initial training in adjustment and adaptation. Coursework for the minor can be used to fulfill elective requirements in a major area of study.

Program Type
Total Credits
Program Director
Joel Hernandez
Program Learning Outcomes

The student will:

  1. Evidence understanding of cross-cultural adjustment.
  2. Evidence understanding of cross-cultural communication.
Program Requirements
  • Missions and Evangelism (ICS 104)
  • Cross-Cultural Adjustment (ICS 212)
  • World Religions (ICS/REL 308)
  • Cultural Anthropology (ICS/SOC 314)
  • Cross-Cultural Communication (ICS 330)
  • Cross-Cultural Leadership (ICS 441)
The Lord has taught me the true power of the Gospel through the ICS Department. I learned that a genuine understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ restrains any individual from reserving the good news of the Messiah for themselves. I owe this growth in my life to my amazing professors, who not only taught me well, but walked alongside me as a young man.
Luca Drago
Luca Drago, Emmaus Admissions Counselor