Minor in Business

Business & Technology Department


The minor in Business is a program of study designed to equip students with foundational knowledge and skills in business. Business ethics, management, leadership, competency in economics and finance, and a global perspective are among the elements to which students will be exposed. These are highly desirable attributes in the external world, whether in places of business or in ministry settings.

Program Type
Total Credits
Program Director
Dr. Kim Parcher
Program Learning Outcomes

The student will:

  1. Develop an understanding of fundamental business principles.
  2. Acquire the skills and dispositions needed to enable sound business practices.
  3. Develop a philosophy of business that incorporates a biblical worldview.
Program Requirements
  • Global Business (BUS 102)
  • Financial Accounting (ACC 110)
  • Business Ethics (BUS 201)*
  • Principles of Management and Leadership (BUS 425)*
  • Principles of Macroeconomics (ECN 201) or Principles of Microeconomics (ECN 205)
  • Business Electives: (6 credits)
    • Managerial Accounting (ACC 210)
    • Personal Finance and Budgeting (BUS 210)
    • Human Resources Management (BUS 220)
    • Introduction to Management Information Systems (BUS 240)
    • Business as Mission (BUS 250)
    • Organizational Behavior and Development (BUS 301)
    • Principles of Finance (BUS 310)
    • Production/Operations Management (BUS 350)
    • Non-Profit Organizations (BUS 360)
    • Project Management (BUS 380)
    • Business Law (BUS 420)
    • Executive Leadership (BUS 430)
    • Entrepreneurship (BUS 440)
    • Consumer Behavior (BUS 470)
    • Business Internship (BUS 485)
    • Principles of Global Marketing (MKT 121)

*courses must be taken at Emmaus