The Bible/Theology major is the biblical component of every double major or dual-degree program at Emmaus Bible College. The major cannot be completed as a stand-alone program. See double-major or cooperative/concurrent enrollment program planners for additional information.

Program Director: Raju D. Kunjummen

Program Learning Outcomes

The student will evidence

  1. Knowledge of the content of the Bible.
  2. Understanding of major Christian doctrines and their biblical foundations.
  3. Ability to correctly interpret and appropriately apply Biblical teaching.
  4. Commitment to growth in Christian character and lifestyle.
  5. Skill in written and oral communication of biblical teaching.

Program Requirements

  • Bible/Theology (33-39 credits)
    • Old Testament Survey 1 (BT 102)
    • Old Testament Survey 2 (BT 104)
    • New Testament Survey (BT 106)
    • Christian Life and Worldview (BT 111)
    • Introduction to Biblical Interpretation (BT 120)
    • Survey of Doctrine (BT 151)
    • Biblical Hermeneutics (BT 220)
    • Theology: God, Creation, and Sin (BT 221)
    • Theology: Christ, Holy Spirit, and Salvation (BT 321)
    • Theology: The Church and Final Things (BT 331)
    • Bible Book Study
    • Bible/Theology Elective+
    • Biblical Theology Elective+
    • Chapel (CCS 110)
  • Educational Ministries (3 credits)
    • Teaching Bible* (EM 321) or Homiletics 1* (BT 322)
  • Intercultural Studies (3 credits)
    • Missions and Evangelism 1* (ICS 104)

*meets Bible-Related requirement
+Not required for the double-major program in teacher education or the dual-degree program in nursing

Educating and equipping learners to impact the world for Christ.

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