Department Description

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) program is a four-year major taught as a double major with Biblical Studies. There are three required areas of study in this program: Biblical Studies with an emphasis on Bible Doctrine, Computer Information Systems, and General Education. The two majors are each comprised of 45 credit hours of focused coursework, while the General Education requirements fill out the remaining 42 credit hours in the CIS program.


To equip students to determine, analyze, and implement the information technology needs of a company or ministry, and to prepare them to take full advantage of technology in their own Bible study and Christian service for the Lord.

Program Outcomes

The objectives of the CIS program are listed below with a brief description of each objective. The student will:

  • Analyze, design, document, and implement a typical secure business computing environment based on specific business requirements, including networking, hardware and software integration, database design, and overall systems administration. Whether working with a business or a ministry, the process of determining, specifying, assembling, integrating, configuring and managing an information technology environment is the same. Students must be able to understand business requirements and translate those requirements into an integrated environment of hardware, software, and networks that will enable the organization to meet those requirements.
  • Effectively apply information processing technology to areas of church automation, Christian ministry, biblical studies, and multimedia presentation in ministry or business environments. A significant part of the mission of Emmaus Bible College and its programs is to prepare students to be effective in Christian ministry. Technology is rapidly becoming ubiquitous in the ministry area and graduates must be able to apply technology to assist in the effectiveness of varied Christian activities.  In addition, the benefits that technology provides in the study of the Bible are so significant that graduates should have these automated study skills to aid in their own Christian growth.
  • Take full advantage of the Internet through effective research techniques, communications applications, and the design and implementation of web-based solutions to satisfy business and ministry requirements for marketing and electronic commerce. Most wide area communications among companies and ministries pass through the infrastructure of the Internet. To take full advantage of this communication capability without compromising business operations, graduates must understand the principles of network security, tunneling, and other communication mechanisms. They must also be capable of providing web services that allow the organization to communicate with the public and the organization’s specific constituency through the capabilities of the Internet and the World Wide Web.

Programs of Study

Typical Career Options in Business or Ministry

  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Systems or Network Administrator
  • Information Technology Support Specialist
  • Information Technology Project Management

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