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Counseling Psychology Department


My name is Ben Mathew, the Chair and professor in the Counseling Psychology department, and I wanted to personally thank you for expressing interest in studying Counseling Psychology at Emmaus Bible College. The fact that you’re interested in studying counseling at Emmaus means two things:

  1. You love God: you have a passion to know God through His Word, and want your personal relationship to grow and mature during the important years of college life
  2. You love people: you have a dedication and ability to connect, care and help people through various problems and stages of life

With these two assumptions about you, I’m confident that you’ll find the Counseling Psychology program here at Emmaus a perfect fit to pursue both your passion for loving God, and your passion in loving people.

Please know that I would be honored to discuss any aspects of our program with you, and answer any questions that you might have about the vision, courses and conviction of our department.

I’m excited about the possibility of talking to you more, and I’ll be in prayer as you seek God’s guidance in your consideration of coming to Emmaus. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Take care and God bless.

Chair, Counseling Department
Program Director, Counseling Psychology


  • People-helping Ministries: the Counseling Psychology program will help you develop skills and attitudes as you seek to work in church, parachurch and other contexts that involve working with people.
  • Graduate School: Our program fulfills the prerequisite course requirements for graduate programs in mental health, counseling and social service programs (both Christian and secular graduate schools).
  • Our faculty have solid academic credentials, real world experience, and are state and nationally licensed in their profession.

“My experience at Emmaus in the Counseling Psychology program has been life changing. The program truly has taught me to love God and love people! The small classes allowed me to ask questions and really apply the content to my own life. The professors in the department invested in my life by inviting me over for dinner, buying me coffee, and sharing their wisdom and advice when I needed it most. As an urban math teacher, I really can say that the Counseling Psychology program at Emmaus can prepare you for a variety of careers!”

Jilli Roberts
13' Counseling Psychology
Memphis, TN