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Emmaus Bible College offers both ministry and professional education that prepares servant leaders for impact in the Church and the world. At Emmaus, you'll come to know Jesus better as you experience first-rate academic instruction, service, fun, fellowship, and—most importantly—a personal connection with the Word of God. 

Academics at Emmaus Bible College

Do You Have My Major?

Emmaus Bible College offers 14 diverse majors across 8 departments, an additional 12 minors, and a number of certificates. 

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How Do I Get In?

Apply to Emmaus today using our streamlined online app or contact one of our friendly and helpful Admissions Counselors with any questions.

Emmaus is an affordable choice

Can I Afford It?

Emmaus is an incredibly affordable choice for college, with a highly competitive tuition rate and rich scholarship programs.

Emmaus Bible College has a vibrant student life

Will I Fit In?

Emmaus provides a great environment for close and lasting friendships, a whole lot of fun, and numerous opportunities to grow in the Lord!


Visit our FAQs section, fill out our Learn More form, or contact us by calling 563-588-8000 or emailing!


Admissions Staff

Our admissions staff members are friendly and helpful. They would love to talk with you, and answer any questions you have.