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I am excited to share our program with you, and to help you understand how it might fit with your goals and interest as a student!

If you have a strong desire to grow and become an effective leader in either a business or ministry setting you will find our program to be an excellent option. In our program you will study the fundamental areas of business administration; you will interact with experienced faculty members, who have deep backgrounds in business, entrepreneurship, ministry, and in the study of business principles; you will be challenged in areas of ethics, biblical world-view and how the business world intersects and operates in society. Our goal is that you will leave here equipped, ready to serve and lead.

My name is Philip Boom, I am the Chair of the Business Department, and I would love to have the opportunity to discuss our program with you, or answer any questions you might have.

Chair, Business Department
Program Director, Business Administration


  • The program integrates a serious Business Administration curriculum with a Biblical worldview. Key courses include Ethics, Leadership, Marketing and Business Strategy, among many others.
  • Our Faculty have deep business and academic backgrounds, and are committed to help you prepare for life after college.
  • A required Internship experience in the final year is a great lead-in to the job market!