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Vice President for Academic Affairs
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Emmaus Bible College is seeking a new Vice President for Academic Affairs. As the Chief Academic Officer of the college, this person will oversee all academic programming for the college and will work closely with the Vice President of Student Life to ensure a seamless partnership between the academic and student life of the college. The VPAA serves as an essential member of the President’s Cabinet and will be a key contributor to collaborative management of the strategic vision and direction of the college. 

Emmaus Bible College offers a unique program of study that combines excellent biblical education, a robust general studies program, and the opportunity to prepare for careers in ministry and the marketplace. Offered in a residential college setting, the campus culture embraces what generations of Emmaus graduates describe as the Emmaus Experience: “Academic programs infused with biblical content, meaningful relationships between faculty, staff and students, and a campus environment conducive to spiritual and personal growth.” 

Retaining this model of a “Bible and…” education, as well as the college’s distinctive emphasis on New Testament principles of church life, Emmaus seeks a VPAA with vision and energy, as well as a deep commitment to the faithful teaching of the Bible, dedication to academic excellence, devotion to the core values of the College, and a passion for the spiritual needs of students.