Past ISI Conferences

Training for Godliness (2017)

Plenary Speakers included: Dr. Tony Hart, Raju Kunjummen, Dr. Mark Stevenson, Alexander Strauch

ISI 2017

Protecting the Household of God (2016)

Plenary Speakers included: Alexander Strauch, David Anderson, Dr. Mark Stevenson

ISI 2016

Courageous Leadership from Titus: Charting a Course Through Chaos (2015)

Plenary Speakers included: Dr. Mark Stevenson, Dave Anderson, and Dr. Jack Fish

ISI 2015

Revolutionary Orthodoxy: Living a Biblical Worldview (2014)

Plenary Speakers included: Dr. Larry Dixon, John Marriott, Dr. Jobe Martin, Alexander Strauch

ISI 2014

The Glory of the Gospel (2013)

Plenary Speakers included: Dr. D.A. Carson, Alexander Strauch, and Mark Stevenson

ISI 2013

Home Improvement: Building Godly Families (2012)

Plenary Speakers included: Alex Strauch, Doyle Roth, Bob Deffinbaugh, David MacLeod, Paul and Nathan Bramsen

ISI 2012

God So Loved the World... Do We? (2011)

Plenary Speakers include: George Verwer, Ian Burness, Joel Hernandez, Alex Strauch, Paul and Nate Bramsen

ISI 2011

Living the Truth: The Quest for Holiness (2010)

Plenary Speakers included: Dr. Charles Ryrie, Alexander Strauch, Mark Stevenson, Dr. David MacLeod

ISI 2010

Truth Under Fire: Doctrinal Confusion in the Church (2009)

Plenary Speakers included: Dr. Norman Geisler, Alexander Strauch, Mark Stevenson, Dr. David MacLeod

ISI 2009

Train Your Church to Know the Word (2008)

Plenary speakers included: Ken Daughters, Jon Glock, Alex Strauch

ISI 2008

Building a Caring Church (2007)

Plenary Speakers included: Alex Strauch, Larry Dixon, Bill Mcrae

ISI 2007

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