A Letter from Emmaus Parents
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Dear Parent,

Hello! We understand that you have a student who has been introduced to or is considering attending Emmaus Bible College. We have had two daughters recently attend Emmaus. We would like to relate to you our experiences as parents of Emmaus students.

Michelle, our youngest daughter, had been introduced to Emmaus by student representatives who were serving as camp counselors at the Bible camp she had attended. Now, four years later, we could not be more thrilled about Emmaus and the impact this college has had on Michelle’s life. First and foremost, we have seen tremendous spiritual growth. Emmaus has not only taught her about God’s Word but has really challenged her to dig deep and wrestle with the truths of the Bible and to make her faith her own.

Through Emmaus’ many opportunities to be involved in activities and events, we have seen Michelle’s leadership skills grow immensely. Through committees, being a resident assistant, music, athletics, intramurals and others campus organizations, she has learned many valuable life skills. All these involvements have made a significant impact on her by building confidence in her God-given abilities and teaching her what it means to be a servant leader. Michelle has become stronger in her personal relationships and friendships. She has developed close relationships with students, faculty and staff that will last a lifetime.

The quality of education in Michelle’s chosen field of study has been at the highest level and has prepared her well for the next step in her educational process. The low faculty-to-student ratio and individual time spent with her professors has had a significant impact on Michelle’s education. Michelle is now pursuing her graduate studies at Multnomah University in Portland, Oregon.

The impact of Emmaus on Michelle’s life has carried over to her older sister, Jennifer. Jennifer graduated from a state university and planned to begin law school the following fall. Through Michelle’s encouragement and because of her great experience, Jennifer attended Emmaus for one semester before attending law school and was also richly blessed. In one semester, we saw genuine growth in Jennifer’s desire to know and trust the Lord more fully.

In addition, we as parents have gotten to know many of the faculty, staff and other parents and classmates which has enriched our own experience at Emmaus. We always look forward to our visits to the college and have felt warmly welcomed each time we are there.

We will forever be thankful that the Lord led Michelle and Jennifer to attend Emmaus. We, without reservation, recommend Emmaus to you and encourage you to truly consider sending your son or daughter to Emmaus.

In Christ,

Charlie and Leeza Vein
Grand Forks, ND


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