Department Description

Department Mission

To equip students to become agents of cross-cultural worldview transformation.

Points of Distinction

  • Emmaus Bible College has been training missionaries for more than 50 years.
  • Emmaus is committed to New Testament church principles. That means we look to the scriptures for our model for church and ministry.
  • ICS majors complete semester-long, cross-cultural internships that place them alongside experienced mentors in international settings. Interns are involved in research, begin learning the language and put to use skills learned in the classroom. Consider these examples:
    • Amanda Vogel worked at an orphanage for very young children in Quito, Ecuador, and accompanied a female missionary on a short ministry trip into nearby jungles.
    • Sam Janecke worked at a Christian school in Tamil Nadu, India, where he preached, led Bible studies, helped with audiovisual needs, and took students on retreats.
    • Rebeca Snow taught and built friendships with Muslim refugees in Algeria.
  • ICS is a double major: Bible plus Intercultural Studies. Considering that the typical mission board requires one year of Bible (about 30 credits), our 45 credits in Bible and Theology provide a solid foundation for ministry.
  • In addition to their strong academic credentials, the faculty members in the Intercultural Studies department have extensive experience on the mission field.
    • Mr. Joel Hernandez, son of missionaries to Mexico, served as a church-planting missionary in Mexico, for more than seven years.

Programs of Study

  • Bachelor of Science in Bible/Theology and Intercultural Studies
  • Minor in Church Planting and Revitalization
  • Minor in Intercultural Studies
  • Minor in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
  • Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
  • Continuing Education Certificate in Missions
  • Click here for more detailed information (and planners) for each program.

Career Possibilities

  • The Intercultural Studies program at Emmaus provides an ideal foundation for missionary or ministry work in cross-cultural settings.
  • Intercultural Studies majors are also well prepared for job opportunities with government agencies, multi-national companies, or foreign embassies.

Educating and equipping learners to impact the world for Christ.

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