2018 Iron Sharpens Iron Conference
2018 Iron Sharpens Iron Conference
ISI 2018
  • Start 12:00 PM - May 24 2018
  • End 10:00 AM - May 27 2018
  • Emmaus Bible College
  • (563) 588-8000
  • isiregister@emmaus.edu

Iron Sharpens Iron is the annual conference of Emmaus Bible College. The purpose of ISI is for fellow believers in Christ to sharpen one another's vision and skills for building up the local church and impacting the world for Christ. Join us this year as we study the book of 2 Timothy and explore our theme og Courageous Faithfulness: Guarding the Gospel in Difficult Times.

Paul, in his final letter, encourages Timothy, his son in the faith, to endure through the difficult circumstances of life and stay true to the gospel: “Guard, through the Holy Spirit who dwells in us, the treasure which has been entrusted to you,” (2 Tim. 1:14). Paul’s words to Timothy echo down throughout the centuries to our day. In many ways, the world we see around us is in turmoil. Yet rather than sinking into fear and despair, the gospel of Jesus Christ strengthens our courage and commitment to faithfully demonstrate our love for the Savior in the way we live in this present society. Join us this year at Iron Sharpens Iron as we study together the message of 2 Timothy and its application for courageous faithfulness in guarding the gospel in these difficult times.

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