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Emmaus Ministries Coordinator (part time)
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Job Description: 

Emmaus has an opening for a part time Emmaus Ministries Coordinator. The Emmaus Ministries Coordinator serves as the event coordinator for EM conferences and supports EM projects such as the podcast and blog.

Essential Job Functions

  1. Primary responsibilities are to assist the Director of EM in a variety of significant responsibilities and provide administrative support
  2. Coordinate and provide administrative support for the Iron Sharpens Iron conference and Women in the Word conference.
    1. Serve on the planning committee
    2. Manage registration
    3. Work with other departments to coordinate conference details (e.g housekeeping and food service)
    4. Hire and manage conference staff
    5. Ensure travel arrangements for participants
    6. Coordinate all conference details
  3. Provide support for correspondence for EM podcast and blog.
  4. Assist in developing and implementing strategies to improve the value of EM products and services and optimize relationships between the college and constituents
  5. Coordinate the creation and dissemination of promotional information to internal and external constituencies about EM events and programs
  6. Ensure travel arrangements for participants of EM programs
  7. Manage registration and communication for Emmaus Extension Classes
  8. Support EM Department’s future projects
  9. Other duties as assigned

Please submit resumes, recommendations or applications (available from the front desk) to:

JJ Routley
Emmaus Bible College
2570 Asbury Road
Dubuque, IA 52001

OR by e-mail at

Questions? Please call 563-588-8000