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Fall Term 2 (Begins October 22nd)

This course addresses the basics of attitude and conduct that are in harmony with the Christian faith, and how these relate to one’s view of reality. The practical outworking of aspects of the doctrine of sanctification will be studied and worldviews which differ fromthe Christian one will be considered along with how they affect thought and practice.

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An introductory course explaining whatbusiness as mission principles and application. Topics include an examination of strategies and platforms including tent-making, marketplace ministries, enterprise development, and business as mission, kingdom, and Great Commission companies. The focus is on how these strategies in a properly motivated and managed business can draw attention to Christ and have a profound spiritual, physical, and economic impact on the neediest and less reached in a community. Case studies are used to present examples of how kingdom professionals have successfully integrated their faith with the goals of the business and the call to share the Gospel, whether in restricted or limited access countries or a neighborhood in the United States.

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An introductory course in biblically-integratedcounseling. The student will gain an understanding of counseling with a biblical foundation while being exposed to various techniques and theories of counseling. A foundation will be set for basic skill andtechnique in counseling. Ethics, referral training, and available resources will be addressed. Prerequisite for degree-seeking students: PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology

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