Counseling Psychology


Loving God and Loving People; we often say that these two statements are what our program is all about. And if these two statements are an accurate description of you, then the Counseling Psychology program at Emmaus Bible College would be a great fit for you!

The mission statement of the Emmaus Counseling department is to equip students with the ability to integrate, under a biblical authority, theories, practices, and methodologies of counseling psychology for effective counseling ministry to those in need.



The Counseling Psychology program is designed to help the students better know and love God, and to better know and love people. Our program is a dual major that seeks to ground the student in knowing God through a study of His word, and to provide the student with an understanding of counseling philosophy, theories and techniques to help you better love people. Our integration model serves to help students to not just treat problems, but to understand the root of issues, and how to treat the entire individual.

Why study Counseling at Emmaus?

You might find some counseling courses at other Bible Colleges, and you might find some Bible courses at other Christian colleges; but at Emmaus, you get a full study of both Biblical studies and Counseling Psychology. Emmaus is unique in that it offers a robust core in Biblical/Theological studies that provides a solid foundation in your comprehensive study of Counseling Psychology.

Health Sciences Scholarship

The Health Sciences Scholarship was established to extend the reach of the college with students who are pursuing studies in the field of health sciences, including Counseling Psychology. To be eligible, applicants must be pursuing a four-year degree in one of our Health Science or Counseling Psychology programs.


Health Sciences Scholarship Application

Featured Counseling Courses

Crisis Intervention Counseling
This class will explore the concepts of crisis and trauma within the field of counseling and identify methods and concepts of cause and response that non-professionals can utilize to support and help individuals experiencing crises.

Multicultural Counseling Techniques
A theological and psychological study of cultural and cross-cultural issues as they relate to counseling. The course will investigate the society and the church in terms of the role of ethnic groups, lifestyle traditions and change, populations’ patterns, and counseling in various societies and mission fields.

Explore the Counseling Programs


The Counseling program at Emmaus can prepare you for a variety of jobs in human and social services as well as well as positions that require developed interpersonal and communication skills. You can take a look at some information on what our counseling graduates have gone on to do here. Some general examples of career options are:

  • Case Management
  • Career Counselor
  • Rehabilitation Specialist
  • Psychiatric Technician
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Case Management
  • Government Welfare Protection Agencies
  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor*
  • Social Worker*
  • Sports Psychology*
  • Occupational Therapy*

*These jobs require a master's degree which you would be sufficiently prepared for with a bachelor's degree from Emmaus.


What's Next?

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