Job Title: 
Communications & Media Engagement Director
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Job Description: 

Department: Advancement
Status: Full‐time
Reports To: Vice President for Advancement
Works closely with: Director of Digital Marketing
Date Written: March 8, 2021

Position purpose
Creating and delivering value‐added content and stories across digital platforms that link mission to impact.

Position description
The communications and media engagement position ensures the Emmaus story is effectively delivered to multiple audiences. She/he functions to identify, create, organize and assist in delivering a broad range of impact stories across digital channels with the aim of increasing brand awareness and the probability of acquiring new students and ministry partners. Impact will be seen through substantial and integrated partnership with the Digital Marketing Director creating capacities for increased digital and web engagement and cross‐platform enhancement.

As a generalist, this position combines the art of finding, developing and telling compelling stories with the tactical acumen of cross‐channel delivery. Expand the Emmaus brand through The Emmaus Experience podcast, Emmaus YouTube and The Emmaus Experience blog channels by creatively delivering value‐driven content. Assist in expanding an already well‐developed website and digital communications.

As a creative and collaborative team member, the content and media engagement director partners with the Director of Digital Marketing to enhance and expand capacity to reach new and targeted audiences.

Position focus
Cross‐channel media content creation | Media storyteller | Digital communication | Social Media

Position responsibilities
Pursue the development and content creation of value‐added stories to be communicated across multiple channels. For example, leverage and produce media tools like the College Choice magazine.

  • Pursue and plan stories and content creation for communication on multiple channels
  • Utilize system to innovatively organize, track and deliver content for multiple departments
  • Deploy stories and content through social media channels and Almabase digital platform
  • Manage digital and print content for the “Emmaus Magazine” to leverage stories
  • Identify relevant and value‐added content from prior media, update and redeploy
  • Partner with the Director of digital communication to develop an advancement website that maximizes Emmaus’ digital channels for content delivery
  • Advise the Vice Presidents for Advancement and Enrollment Management on strategic market penetration opportunities and how to leverage them

Leverage through innovation and creativity the Emmaus Media digital channels as a means to enhance institutional reach and maximize brand identity by deploying value added content and stories

  • Innovatively oversee and expand Emmaus Media Ministries blog, podcast, and YouTube channel
  • Assist in the creation of new content for our blog, podcast and YouTube channels
  • Support and manage teaching and radio content for Good News Network
  • Partner with AV department to livestream/video record of conferences and events to leverage content and redeploy strategically
  • Manage Emmaus Media Ministries employees (radio editor/producer; digital technician)

The essential functions above are representative of the work performed. Other duties assigned as needed.

Education, Training, and Experience

  • Minimum of a bachelor’s degree; preferred degrees: Business Communications; or Marketing & Media Communications; will consider other fields like English and or Journalism with complementary strengths.
  • Possess a degree or Bible & Theology Certificate from Emmaus or be deeply connected within the Emmaus community is highly desired.
  • Significant work experience in writing, communications, design, media production
  • Experience within a variety of digital engagement platforms and applications like: Instagram, Facebook, Soundcloud, or Stitcher; YouTube Channel development; Emma or Mail Chimp digital engagement platform is essential
  • Significant experience in content creation, writing and storytelling is very important
  • Experience/comfort with photo editing software and design software like InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator is a plus
  • Experience in customer service, event planning, business development, or alumni/constituent relations and/or donor development work preferred
  • Understanding of, experience with, and commitment to ministering among Plymouth brethren assemblies as well as other churches is highly valued

Strengths Inventory (Gallup Clifton Strengths)
Everyone possesses a variety of leadership strengths. If you have not taken the Gallup Strengths Finder Inventory, doing so will help us understand your strengths that align with this position.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Dispositions

  • Born‐again believer in Jesus Christ with demonstrated Christian character and spiritual maturity
  • Alignment with the Doctrinal Statement of Emmaus Bible College
  • Commitment to the Vision, Mission, Core Values of Emmaus Bible College
  • Teachable with willingness to learn and serve others
  • Strong ability to communicate effectively within in different internal and external contexts
  • Strong organizational, administrative, and interpersonal abilities
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively for achievement of common goal(s)
  • Excellent written communication skills
  • High professional, ethical, and moral standards