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Are you interested in preparing for full time Christian ministry? Are you seeking a strong foundation in your understanding of the Bible and the Christian faith before you enter the workforce or pursue further studies? If you decide to study the Bible at Emmaus Bible College, you will be making an investment that will pay long term dividends!

We seek to impart to students a sound understanding of the Bible and Christian doctrine, skill to interpret the Bible correctly and to communicate its Christ-centered message, and to cultivate in them a proper reverence for God and regard for the authority of the Scriptures, with a view to the transformation of their own lives and godly impact on the world around them.
Why Emmaus?

Confidence in Scripture and commitment to godliness are values imparted by the training at Emmaus. Those who want to enter the workforce after graduation, or those who wish continue on to seminary will find a well-focused training to either end. The curriculum also caters to the training of those whose interest and aptitude is more toward academic work whether the goal is eventual specialization in Old Testament, New Testament or Theology. A hallmark of the program is the training to handle the Bible well as an interpreter, irrespective of whether the student chooses to study the original languages or stays with the English Bible. The student will find plenty of opportunity for one-on-one interaction with the faculty who are committed to mentoring students.

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The Biblical Studies programs aim to impart knowledge of the Bible, understanding of theology, and skill in handling God's word. Respect for the authority of God's Word and an emphasis on godliness by being conformed to the image of Christ are hallmarks of the programs at Emmaus. Depending on your interest, there is opportunity to advance in any of the areas of the program as featured in the tracks available for the Biblical Studies degree. Training in expository preaching as well as thorough instruction in both biblical Greek and Hebrew are available as part of the major or as a minor. Additionally, you are encouraged to apply for the Bible Department Legacy Scholarship which is available to students who wish to major in Biblical Studies and intend to go into ministry in one form or another.

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Bible & Theology Graduates

Featured Bible Courses

Introduction to Biblical Interpretation
This praxis oriented course introduces the student to the basic issues and methodology involved in interpreting and applying any text. It addresses broad questions such as the nature, goal, and validity of interpretation and application alongside the specifics of dealing with language, grammar, and contexts.

Doctrine of the Messiah
This course traces the divine promises and covenants in the Old Testament underlying the idea of the Messiah, the development of the concept in the progress of revelation, and their correlation with the New Testament. Special attention will be given to the Davidic covenant and its elaboration in the Psalms and the prophets.

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The Bible & Theology department at Emmaus can prepare you for a variety of jobs in ministry in the local church and para-church ministries or general secular employment where critical thinking abilities are required. The B.S. in Biblical Studies can also prepare you for graduate/professional study leading to careers in academia or specialized professions. Some areas in which our Bible & Theology graduates have worked are:

  • Pastoral work
  • Christian camping
  • Missions
  • A wide range of ministry work
  • Business
  • Financial services
  • Public sector
  • IT


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