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Department Description


To provide students with a comprehensive overview of and reverence for the Scriptures, an understanding of the major Christian doctrines, and an ability to incarnate biblical truth in their lives.

General Outcomes
  • Knowledge: The student will evidence a comprehensive knowledge of the content of the Bible.
  • Knowledge: The student will evidence a comprehensive understanding of Christian Theology and the Christian worldview that results.
  • Skills: The student will evidence an ability to interpret the Bible accurately.
  • Skills: The student will evidence an ability to defend biblical truth and the Christian faith.
  • Disposition: The student will evidence growth in Christian character and lifestyle.
Programs of Study
Ministry Roles & Career Opportunities

Potential students who are considering a Bible major at Emmaus often wonder what job opportunities we be available for them when they graduate. It is an important question, and there are several realities to consider.

If you are planning on a ministry career or intend to make ministry a major component of your life our Bible major will prepare you very well. Our graduates go on to seminary for graduate studies, others to the mission field, still others become leaders in churches and ministries.

If full-time ministry is not for you, be aware that there are many careers that require a non-technical bachelors degree as a qualification. A Bible degree is similar to a humanities degree in that it emphasizes critical thinking, research, writing and communication skills. Unless you are planning to enter a technical field that requires science or math for example, these skills are valuable in a wide range of industries. In addition to these skills, the outstanding Emmaus graduate will also bring with him or her a strong work ethic, a solid ethical disposition and godly moral character.

Our Graduates

Our graduates serve as teachers, lawyers, salesmen, small business owners, police officers, college professors, bankers, pastors, physical therapists, missionaries, CPAs and more. Of course, some of these careers required additional graduate study but they all benefited from the foundation they received in the Bible department.

Educating and equipping learners to impact the world for Christ.

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