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20/20: Share the Vision

We praise the Lord that He has increased the Emmaus student body from 225 to 252 students this year! Our desire, called Vision 300, is to see 300 students benefiting from the Emmaus Experience - and we believe that, with God's help, we can accomplish this goal. A key to our increased enrollment for this year is our expanded scholarship opportunities, making an Emmaus education significantly more affordable. We do not want any student turned away because they cannot afford to attend. So we have established an easy way for you to lend your support: 20/20 Share the Vision. Simply stated, we are asking our alumni and friends to commit to giving $20 on the 20th of each month during 2016 to support scholarship funding for Emmaus students. Additionally, would you consider a one-time, year-end gift of $200, $2000 or more to boost this effort?

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