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Student Life Information


Emmaus is located in Dubuque, Iowa, a Mississippi River city of 60,000 people. It serves as the metropolitan center of 250,000 residents in the Iowa/Wisconsin/Illinois tri-state area.

Dubuque provides many activities for Emmaus students. The Dubuque Symphony Orchestra performs regularly at the Five Flags Center. The new National Mississippi River Museum and Riverwalk is a draw for tourists from across the country. There are many beautiful parks and recreation areas, including the Mines of Spain hiking area and Eagle Point Park, which provides a spectacular view of the upper Mississippi.

Dubuque is also a center for education, hosting five colleges and three seminaries. This healthy environment is a suitable setting for the Emmaus education and for the community outreach of Christian service and evangelism.


The campus is located on the west side of Dubuque on twenty-four acres of gently rolling land. The main building contains classrooms, the Marble Chapel, the David A Glock Auditorium, administrative and faculty offices, dormitories, the dining hall, library and study center, coffee shop, bookstore, and racquetball courts. Smith Hall contains a state-of-the-art computer center, additional dormitories, the Business office, ECS Ministries, Believers Stewardship Services, and maintenance facilities. The Pollard Fieldhouse, attached to Smith Hall, offers two gymnasiums, weight room, student center, and the Courtside Cafe.

Outdoor recreational facilities include spacious grounds for softball, football, soccer, and various winter sports. The gymnasiums offer facilities for basketball, volleyball, and other activities. The campus borders a public golf course that provides additional recreational opportunities.  Ice-skating, down-hill skiing, and cross-country skiing are also available in the community.

Student Services


Dormitories are available for unmarried students. A variety of room styles are available including single and double rooms, and triple and quadruple suites. All rooms are supplied with a bed, desk, chair, bookcase, closet, and dresser for each student. All unmarried students are required to room and board at the college unless they live with a relative within commuting distance. Housing for married students is readily available through nearby apartments with reasonable rental rates.

Food Services

Resident students participate in a meal plan that entitles them to any/all meals that are served in the dining hall. Non-resident students may purchase individual meal tickets. The Coffee Bean and Courtside Café are open limited hours of the day and evening.

Laundry Facilities

A fully-equipped laundry facility is available for student use.

Health Services

The college maintains a working relationship with local physicians to care for the health needs of the student body.


Emmaus maintains a bookstore stocked with a selection of books and supplies.


Mail is distributed daily. Student mail should be addressed as follows:
Student Name
Emmaus Bible College
2570 Asbury Road
Dubuque, Iowa 52001

Learning Resources


Textbooks are available for purchase through the college at the beginning of each semester.


A spacious library is available for student use. The collection includes approximately 120,000 books and bound periodicals as well as pamphlets, audio-visual materials, and electronic databases. A PC lab with Internet access is housed in the library. The Emmaus library is part of the OCLC Library Consortium providing students with access to resources at over 35,000 other libraries.

Children's Literature Collection

A children's literature collection is housed within the library to support the Elementary Education program.

Area Libraries

Emmaus students have access to learning resources at six area libraries:  Clarke College, Loras College, University of Dubuque, Wartburg Seminary, Carnegie-Stout Public Library, and the Dubuque County Library. Emmaus students may check out materials from Loras College, University of Dubuque, Wartburg Seminary, and the Dubuque County Library.

Computer Labs

Three computer labs are available on campus. The computer classroom is located in Smith Hall, a PC lab is located in the Emmaus library, and a MAC lab is located adjacent to the Elementary Education curriculum lab. All labs provide Internet access. Students may also access the Internet and email in the Coffee Bean and Study Center.

Teacher Education Curriculum Lab

A collection of materials and texts to support the Elementary Education program is housed in Classroom K.

Special Events

Spiritual Emphasis Seminar

Spiritual Emphasis Week is scheduled for the fall semester and focuses on the spiritual life of the believer. A guest speaker provides ministry at special day-time and evening chapels.

Christian Ministry Seminars

Christian Ministry Seminars is scheduled for the spring semester and is designed to challenge students to consider ministry service. Ministries from across the U.S. and Canada come to the college to present opportunities for both short-term and long-term service and ministry.

Summer Missions Exposure (Summex) Teams

The Intercultural Studies Department sponsors faculty-led teams that travel abroad for 2-4 weeks every summer to give students missions exposure and cross-cultural experience. In addition to Summex Teams, other opportunities are also available for cross-cultural experience throughout the year, including outreach to Ireland, Mexico, and a Navajo reservation in New Mexico. A student may receive credit for participating on one Summex Team or other cross-cultural experience by fulfilling the requirements of ICS 406-408 Intercultural Ministry Project. Registration for the course must be approved by the Intercultural Studies Department, and the cross-cultural experience must be planned and guided by a qualified faculty member.

Student Organizations, Activities, and Leadership Development Opportunities

Student Government

Students are elected by the student body to fill the offices of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary, and Off-Campus Representative of Student Government. The students of the first-year class choose two class representatives. The Vice President for Student Development serves as advisor to Student Government. Student Government plans numerous social activities throughout the year. These include all-school picnics, recreation nights, Prayer and Praise, skiing and skating outings, and annual events such as the Christmas event, Winterfest, and the Senior Banquet.

Resident Assistants

Student leaders are selected by application and interview to serve and support their fellow students by providing encouragement and guidance in their college experience.


The Yearbook program provides an opportunity to create a memorial to what God has done in the lives of the student body. As they work on this project students gain experience at various aspects of the desktop publishing industry, writing, photography and leadership.

Spiritual Formation Leaders

Spiritual formation leaders are chosen to oversee freshman small groups, providing a community for care and growth.

Missionary Awareness Organization

The Missionary Awareness Organization (M.A.ORG.) promotes a passion for student involvement in the Great Commission through prayer, reports from local and overseas evangelists and missionaries, and special programs.

Athletic Activities

Emmaus offers intercollegiate men's and women's basketball, men's soccer, and women's volleyball. In addition, the college offers club softball and provides a full intramural sports program including basketball, flag football, volleyball, floor hockey, softball, badminton, and racquetball.

Music Ministries

Students have opportunities for involvement in various music ministries at Emmaus including Chapel Choir, the Emmaus Ensemble, Praise Team, and several small group ensembles. The vocal groups provide ministry at special events throughout the year, both on- and off-campus.

Counseling Psychology Student Council

A small group of Counseling Psychology students meet throughout the school year as representatives of fellow Counseling Psychology students for the purpose of planning, academic development, fellowship and prayer.

Emmaus Elementary Education Fellowship (EEE)

Elementary Education majors and other interested students meet monthly for fellowship, professional development, and prayer.

Youth Ministries Fellowship

Youth ministries majors meet monthly for planning, sharing ideas, prayer, and fellowship.


Students are permitted to work a maximum of twenty-four hours per week. In case of academic deficiency, a lesser maximum is established to meet individual student needs.  There are a number of job opportunities available on campus, with foreign students and those with needed skills given preference. The Student Development office posts contacts for off-campus job opportunities in Dubuque.

Student Life Requirements

Standard of Conduct

Emmaus seeks to train students in the high standards of Christian conduct outlined in the Bible. General expectations are outlined in the Student Handbook. Students are encouraged to develop healthy relationships founded on the principles of Matthew 18:15-16 and are expected to practice holiness of life and give themselves fully to their prescribed course of study.

Discipline is administered on the basis of individual maturity and personal need. The Student Development Committee composed of student, faculty, and administrative representatives oversees this process. Any students who, in the judgment of the committee, fail to conduct themselves in accordance with Emmaus standards may be dismissed.

Lifestyle Covenant

Emmaus Bible College seeks to foster a community of students who are being stretched, challenged, growing, and preparing to serve to Lord to bring HIM glory. In order to accomplish these goals, standards for community living are published annually in the Student Handbook. We synthesize these community expectations in the Lifestyle Covenant, which we require students to sign each year as a statement of their intent to function as a harmonious part of the Emmaus family.

Church Attendance

Emmaus is committed to the application of New Testament principles as they relate to church life. Each Emmaus student is expected and encouraged to actively participate in the meetings and the ministries of a local church.

Student Work Assistance Program (SWAP)

Each full-time resident student is expected to participate in the Student Work Assistance Program (SWAP). The program serves the college community by requiring each student to provide three hours of service to the college each week. This service may be kitchen, grounds, maintenance, custodial, clerical, athletics, A.V., or research assistance.Students not wishing to participate in this program will be charged an additional fee (see the Student Fee brochure for current charges).