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Student Life

We're glad you're checking out Emmaus! Student life is one of greatest parts of Emmaus.

Each dorm hall has a lounge with a microwave, refrigerator, and comfortable couches-- the ideal environment for homework parties, late-night chats, and Bible studies. Thursday chapel consists of floor devotions led by the resident assistant of each floor, providing time to pray and study God's Word as a group. Floor unity is also built by making floor t-shirts, forming intramural teams by floor, going on road trips together, and having floor parties throughout the year. To balance this, almost every Emmaus student has his or her own dorm room, great for those days when you just need to retreat and be by yourself.

Emmaus also offers a variety of groups you can join including Student Missionary Fellowship, Emmaus Elementary Education, Student Government, Banquet Committees or one of our many music groups. If you're up to it, you can even do more than one!

Our off-campus students even have a group together. They love supporting one another throughout the year and have activities such as BBQ's and open houses. They also have their own chapel time together once a week and have an off-campus student representing them on Student Government.

As a smaller college, Emmaus is able to provide an environment for close and lasting friendships and numerous opportunities to grow in the Lord. This will be your experience when you come to Emmaus! Student life at any college is something that you will remember long after you're done. Why not let Emmaus provide you with that memory?