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EBC President Job Description



The President of Emmaus Bible College will provide vision, leadership, and strategic direction for the College.  This individual will be an energetic, approachable, and dynamic leader with diplomatic management skills.  The President will oversee the vice presidents' work at the College; support enrollment growth; lead ongoing resource development efforts; facilitate and maintain alumni, constituent, and community relations; and support academic program expansion as needed to achieve institutional mission and vision.

Required/Desired Education, Experience, and Qualifications


  1. Graduate degree minimum; terminal degree in theology preferred
  2. Relevant leadership/administrative experience; higher education preferred
  3. Strong support for and understanding of the mission of biblical higher education, generally, and Emmaus Bible College, specifically
  4. Commitment to the core values of Emmaus Bible College, including New Testament principles of church life
  5. Exceptional communication skills; excellent college teaching and/or vibrant preaching ministry preferred
  6. Strong relational skills, with demonstrated commitment and ability to relate to all levels of the campus, community, and broader constituencies


  1. Mature, consistent walk with the Lord
  2. Established and engaged fellowship with a local body of believers in the Plymouth Brethren movement
  3. Full agreement with the Emmaus Bible College Doctrinal Statement
  4. Clear, verbal testimony of personal faith in Jesus Christ as Savior
  5. Demonstrated Christian character and integrity

Other Important Attributes

  1. Servant leadership style
  2. Strategic thinker and planner
  3. Ability to generate increased gift income and create a positive culture of philanthropy
  4. Financial acumen and a strong sense of stewardship for available resources
  5. Lifelong learner with knowledge of the major national and cultural issues facing biblical higher education
  6. Ministry orientation and passion for the spiritual growth of students, faculty, and staff
  7. Commitment to excellence in programs and services
  8. Ability to set and complete multiple priorities and motivate others to achieve common goals
  9. Emotional maturity
  10. Uncompromised work ethic

Supervision Given and Received

The President is hired and evaluated by the Board of Trustees.  The President is supervised by the Chairman of the Board.  The President supervises all institutional employees, either directly or through delegated channels.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Leads the College forward by identifying strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and opportunities and casts a motivating vision while ensuring mission success.
  2. Provides strategic direction for and actively engages in institutional advancement activities/programs, including fundraising and donor relations; alumni, constituent, and community relations; and public communication/relations.
  3. Promotes and maintains effective communication with all constituencies.
  4. Ensures institutional alignment with NCA and ABHE accreditation standards as well as standards of other governing authorities (e.g. State of Iowa teacher licensure, ECFA) and compliance with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.
  5. Ensures effective financial management, including stewardship of financial resources and annual budget development and implementation.
  6. Actively engages in development of current and new revenue streams to support mission and vision achievement. 
  7. Exercises supervision of employment actions for all administrators, faculty, and non-academic employees, subject to Board approval when required.
  8. Encourages a culture of openness, teamwork, and transparency throughout the College.
  9. Promotes an institutional culture that values a Biblical perspective on diversity and actively engages under-represented groups to participate in College programs.
  10. Responsible for the spiritual climate, workplace environment, and employee morale.  
  11. Serves as the liaison between the College and the Board of Trustees.
  12. Exercises executive responsibilities and authority for the College, working within the policy environment established by the bylaws and the Board of the Trustees.