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Alumni Newsletter Online

Hello, Emmaus Alumni!  We'd love to send you our quarterly online alumni newsletter! Email us at if you would like to subscribe (please include your full name and year[s] of attendance).

Here is some information that should help explain:

  • The newsletters are accessible only via an email link that will be sent to alumni only, and thus secure for you and not accessible to the public (solicitors, etc.).
    • These will not replace The Emmaus Experience that all alumni should be receiving in the mail periodically, and some news items will be printed in both. If you haven't been receiving The Emmaus Experience, let us know so we can make sure we have your current address on file.
    • The year listed after each name is the year of first attendance (not the year of graduation).
    • News articles are arranged in order of attendance, then chronological order. The date that we received the news is included at the end of each article.  All the email addresses are current to the best of our knowledge.
    • These newsletters are now printer-friendly for your convenience.
  • If your spouse is also an Emmaus alum, please make sure he or she also has the chance to view the news (these emails will only be sent to the primary email address in each household).
  • Feel free to circulate these newsletters to your Emmaus friends, encouraging them to stay current in their communication with the College.

Over 2,800 of our alumni are currently subscribed to this service. We trust this project will be a blessing to many of you as you reconnect with old friends. Please contact us with any questions or suggestions you may have.

Yours in Christ,

The Alumni Department