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  • Jason Gray in Concert at Emmaus

    Dubuque, IA — Emmaus Bible College is excited to host an incredible Christmas concert on Saturday, December 6th at 7:30pm, featuring recording artist Jason Gray, who has encouraged and engaged believers across the nation with songs on Christian radio like "Remind Me Who I Am," "With Every Act of Love," "Good to Be Alive" and more. This concert is part of Gray's Christmas Stories Tour, featuring songs and stories from his 2012 album "Repeat the Sounding Joy."

    PLUS... not only will you be listening to Jason Gray (already a treat), but you'll also get to hear from 2 other talented artists, the band Carrolton and up and coming singer/songwriter Lauren Daigle! It's rare to have such talent and ability in one place at the same time; this is an event you don't want to miss.

    Tickets to this amazing concert are $20 for the general public, but for a limited time (until Sunday, November 23), we're offering a nice 10% discount. Just visit the ticket page on our website in the next week, check "I have a promo code" and type or paste this code:


    Because of this promotion and the nature of such a concert, tickets may sell out quickly! Quantities are limited, so don't delay. Click the button below to purchase your tickets today, or visit




  • MoveIn Organization Visiting Emmaus

    Emmaus Bible College is privileged to have Brian and family, with the MoveIn organization, visiting our campus on Thursday, October 23. They will be on the Emmaus campus all day, sharing with students (in class and out) concerning the mission and vision of MoveIn.

    MoveIn is an effort to see praying teams of Christians moving into some of the most broken neighborhood patches in Toronto and beyond. Believers move in to unsafe neighborhoods, not in spite of the high crime rates, high poverty rate, low standards of living, and a disproportionate representation of Christ, but because of it. With a cup of cold water in one hand and the good news in the other, they pray that the communities they enter will discover Christ’s love and pass Him on. In some cases, churches are planted. In others, missionaries are raised up. In every case, they pray for Christ’s “Kingdom come” to lives and communities from “[Toronto] … to the ends of the earth.” 1

    While Brian is at Emmaus, students will be able to learn not only about the MoveIn organization, but also about opportunities to serve and minister with MoveIn in Toronto and abroad. For more information, stop by the MoveIn booth in the Emmaus Upper Commons on Thursday, September 23. Also be sure to watch the video testimony of a "moveiner" below. 


  • 2nd Annual Archaeology Lecture: "The Search for King Solomon"

    On October 28, 2014 at 7:00 pm in the David A. Glock Auditorium, Emmaus Bible College will sponsor the 2nd annual Archaeology Lecture Series. The event is FREE. No tickets are required. This year’s guest will be Dr. Steven Ortiz, Director of the Tandy Institute for Archaeology, and Associate Professor of Archaeology and Biblical Backgrounds at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. His lecture is entitled “The Search for King Solomon: Recent Excavations at Tel Gezer.”

    The Bible paints a picture of a robust kingdom centered in Jerusalem and led by Solomon. This kingdom exerted power over the whole southern Levant during the Iron age. It was eventually destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 B.C. This presentation will detail the latest evidence uncovered in Israel that contributes to our understanding of Solomon and his kingdom.

    Dr. Ortiz brings over 30 years of archaeological field experience. He has lived in Israel and now spends most of his summers there. He is currently the co-director and principal investigator at Tel Gezer in southern Israel.The project is now in its eighth season and is focused on understanding borders and state formation in Judah in the Iron age (1200-586 B.C.).

    Dr. Ortiz’s expertise is the use of archaeology to reconstruct the history of ancient Israel and the Second Temple Period (New Testament). Dr. Ortiz has contributed to several books and monographs: History of Ancient Israel, Do Historical Matters Matter to Faith?, Critical Issues in Early Israelite History, Buried Hopes or Risen Savior, Archaeological and Historical Studies in honor of Amihai Mazar, and The Future of Biblical Archaeology. He is currently working on the publications of Tel Gezer as well as a book entitled Intersections of Archaeology and Biblical Interpretation.

    In addition to his scholarly pursuits, Dr. Ortiz is passionate about teaching the relevance of historical and cultural context in the proper interpretation of scripture. He is a frequent supply preacher and conference speaker. He has contributed to over 100 radio interviews, newspaper articles, and denominational publications.

    For more information contact:

    Steve Sanchez
    Chair, Bible and Theology Department
    Emmaus Bible College
    Dubuque, IA

  • Women in the Word Conference

    More than twenty-five years ago, godly women of vision in the Dubuque area established an annual conference designed to encourage and challenge women through God-honoring, Bible-focused ministry along with inspiring music and great fellowship.  Emmaus Bible College is honored to continue this legacy, serving new generations of women who love God’s Word and thirst to know it more. 

    We’re excited to invite you to our first annual Women in the Word conference, Friday and Saturday, November 7-8 at Emmaus! Women in the Word Ministries claims Luke 8:15 as its theme verse. In the Parable of the Sower, Christ himself explains that those who receive the seed in good soil “are the ones who, hearing the word, hold it fast in an honest and good heart, and bear fruit with patience” (Luke 8:15, ESV). Our objectives for the conference are:

    • To challenge and encourage women with in-depth study of the Bible and practical application to life.
    • To enhance fellowship among old friends and new around the person of Christ and love for God's Word.
    • To encourage a spirit of praise, thanksgiving, and joy through inspiring music and testimony.

    Our speaker is Ruth Schwertfeger, a gifted teacher and, more importantly, student of the Word. Her topic is Encountering Christ: The Transforming Power of the Living Word. Our very special musical guests are Shelley Breen, Denise Jones, and Leigh Cappillino, better known as Point of Grace! Their new album A Thousand Little Things reminds us of the many blessings God has given and continues to give. Point of Grace will be leading music for the conference and closing our time together with a concert in the Emmaus Marble Chapel!

    Please join us! Make plans with friends in your local area to spend the weekend in Dubuque—studying the Word, singing with Point of Grace, and enjoying fun and fellowship with friends, old and new. The cost of the conference is $50, which includes Saturday lunch at Emmaus, the Point of Grace concert on Saturday evening, and even some special treats like Eric’s Famous Scones and Caramel Apples from Betty Jane Candies! You won’t want to miss it!

    Click here to register online for the Women in the Word conference. 

  • Emmaus Students Return Home Safely From Excavation and Study Tour of Israel

    Eight Emmaus Bible College students and recent graduates travelled to Israel under the leadership of Bible Department Chair Dr. Steven H. Sanchez to participate in the 2014 Tel Gezer Excavations. The trip was designed to allow the students to participate in hands on archaeological work, as well as learn the history and geography of Israel while in the land.

    This program is a unique feature of our new Archaeology minor and involves four weeks of digging, including weekend tours throughout the country. In addition to getting their hands dirty with 3000 year-old dirt, students travelled from Israel's northern border with Lebanon and Syria all the way south to Eilat on the Red Sea. They swam in the Mediterranean and dipped their feet in the Jordan River.

    Of her participation, one student says, "The trip to Israel was an amazing experience that has impacted my life dramatically. Being in the land of the people that God has chosen made me reflect on how he has moved throughout history to keep a remnant despite unfathomable odds against them. The trip gave me the ability to better understand the geography of the land in a way that maps and pictures can only begin to. Reading the Psalms of Ascent as we drove from the plains, through the foothills, and up towards Jerusalem will be a memory that stays with me."

    Admittedly the trip was not without its concerns. While the team was there, the Israel Defense Forces launched operation Protective Edge. Although they were never in any real danger, the experience was new for many and caused them to look to the Lord for their protection. They are thankful that He is our defender. The fact that the dig did not shut down during the conflict caught the attention of the Jerusalem Post, which published an article about the Tel Gezer Team. The game board highlighted in the article (and seen above) was expertly excavated by Nichole Dirks, EBC grad of the class of 2013.

    We praise the Lord for an incredibly productive dig, a fruitful learning experience, and for the team's safety while there. To learn more, click here for the official press release from the 2014 dig season. 

    Emmaus Students Return Home Safely From Excavation and Study Tour of Israel


  • Modern Israel — Miracle or Mirage?

    It’s a new day! And we have new insights on current events, Israel, and prophecy. Join the Friends of Israel for a Day in the Prophetic Word in Dubuque, Iowa! On Saturday, April 5, 2014, Emmaus Bible College will host a one-day conference, sponsored by the Friends of Israel. The title of the conference is “Modern Israel — Miracle or Mirage?” and speakers will include Steve Herzig, Bruce Scott, Dr. David MacLeod, and Dr. Jack Fish. 

    The conference includes a continental breakfast, messages on the truths of Israel and events taking place in the world, and lunch. Our day will conclude with a Q&A session in the afternoon.

    Saturday, April 5, 2014
    Emmaus Bible College
    2570 Asbury Road
    Dubuque, Iowa 52001

    Registration and seating: 8:30 a.m.
    Sessions: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
    Continental breakfast: 8:30 to 9 a.m.
    Cost: $25 per person

    Three easy ways to register! 

    1. Online at
    2. Complete and mail the registration form in an envelope with your payment.
    3. By phone with a credit card payment: 800-257-7843, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Ask for Lisa Grosso at extension 144.

    Registration and payment are due Friday, March 28.

  • Agents of Encouragement: Ensemble Tour 2014

    Jon Glock’s challenge to the Ensemble prior to our spring break tour was that we would be agents of encouragement to everyone we met on this trip (including each other). Sixteen students, representing four different countries and six different states, came together as a team to encourage and bless people across the country.  We encountered a wide variety of cultures, worship styles, and people from different backgrounds, and it was neat to see how our common bond in Christ was a unifying factor in each of those settings.

    On Friday, March 7th, the Ensemble sang at Luther Manor, a retirement community/nursing home in Dubuque.  The next day, we were privileged to sing as part of the Missionary Study Class (100th Anniversary) at Lombard Gospel Chapel in Illinois.  Those in attendance were from all over the Chicago area, and we heard a word of testimony from one of the founders of Operation Mobilization.  Saturday night, the students enjoyed the hospitality of believers from Palos Hills Christian Assembly where we worshiped and sang the next morning.

    The rest of the trip was spent in the southeast at Decatur Bible Chapel (just outside of Atlanta), Overbrook Gospel Chapel (Greenville, SC), and Fairbluff Bible Chapel (Charlotte, NC).  We were welcomed with open arms at each chapel, and we had amazing times singing and sharing our lives with these believers (including a few Emmaus alumnae).  

    We were overwhelmed with the love, hospitality, and generosity of these believers, and one highlight for the students was the homestays with families from each chapel.  This trip provided a unique opportunity for students to connect with new believers and to discover mutual friendships with people around the country.  Also, we were able to minister to people of all ages, including children.  Several of the children in the audiences got very excited when we started singing This Little Light of Mine since they recognized the words.  Even the opportunity to be a testimony to our bus driver was significant, and it was encouraging to see him in the back of the audience practically singing along by the end of the tour.  

    We are very thankful for the numerous ways God provided during this tour.  The students developed stronger friendships with each other in the process of working together as a group, and we believe that each one of them was encouraged as much as the people to whom we ministered during our travels.

    Thank you to all who prayed for us last week!

    Click the link below to view a video recording of “All Creatures of our God and King” from one of the tour concerts.

  • Groundbreaking Year of Affordability At Emmaus Bible College

    The upcoming 2014-15 academic year promises to be an incredible value to students enrolled at Emmaus Bible College (Dubuque, IA). In addition to the eternal value of a Bible-based college education, Emmaus is adding value to students and parents by making the education more affordable.

    To begin with, Emmaus has published a tuition freeze for the 2014-15 academic year. While the cost of a private college education continues to rise, Emmaus has placed a freeze on tuition and fees: $14,600 tuition, $6560 room and board, and $790 student fees. This move continues to position the college as an exceptional value since the Emmaus sticker price of $21,950 is roughly half of the $40,917 average* for a 4-year private college in 2013-14.

    In addition to the tuition freeze, Emmaus is promoting a range of new and improved scholarships designed to make Emmaus more affordable for a wide range of students. These individual scholarships vary from $400/year to an incredible $10,000/year, and many of them are renewable. Students and their parents can visit to calculate the unprecedented savings they will enjoy.

    While the college has significantly reduced the cost of attendance, it hasn’t reduced the value of its education. Remaining true to its roots, Emmaus Bible College is committed to academic excellence, providing students an accredited, Bible-based, professional or ministerial education in an atmosphere conducive to personal and spiritual growth. The mission of Emmaus Bible College, as an institution of higher learning, is to glorify God by teaching the Bible and by educating and equipping learners to serve and lead in churches, ministries, communities, and vocations.

    Please share this message! Emmaus desires that a great number of new and returning students will benefit from this new plan for attending college affordably. Use the share buttons below (Facebook, Twitter, email, and more) to spread the good news!


    *Average Published Undergraduate Charges by Sector, 2013-14;

  • Father and Son Duo Soar with the Emmaus Eagles

    Imagine sitting in the crowd at a college basketball game, and the whistle blows for a substitution. Onto the court steps a gray-haired, 55-year-old man in a blue uniform. Yet even more surprising is watching him deftly steal the ball from an opponent half his age (whose face displays a look of shock), and then sprint down the court on a fast break. To top it all off, imagine him passing it off to a particular teammate—his son—who lays it off the backboard for an easy 2 points. You might see that happen this year at Emmaus Bible College (Dubuque, IA). 

    Paul Ruter, age 55, attended Emmaus and played for the Eagles 32 years ago, nabbing the MVP title his freshman year. He was unable to finish his one-year degree as he was called home to take over the family farm.

    “I loved farming,” Paul said about his decision. “That’s what I wanted to do. I wanted to raise my family on the farm, and that took precedence over schooling.”

    Since then, it’s always been Paul’s dream to return and complete his degree.  Little did he know that six kids and over 30 years later, he would return and be playing basketball shoulder to shoulder with his youngest son, Caleb.

    “I knew I wanted to come back to Emmaus and finish my degree. I always had it in the back of my mind ever since I came here. But the opportunity to come back here with my son made it even more appealing. But I wanted to make sure it was ok with him.”

    Paul’s son, nineteen year old Caleb Ruter, is a stand out starter at Emmaus, last year averaging 20 points and leading the team in steals. He also was named 2nd Team All-American in the ACCA conference. You might think it would be hard for a college student to play basketball on the same team as his father, but not for Caleb:

    “He’s my best friend. He’s been my best friend my whole life, and it’s a blast having him on the team.”

    Luke Wilkerson, Emmaus Athletic Director, had good things to say about Paul and Caleb and their relationship: “Having been involved in the recruiting process for both Caleb and Paul, I can attest to the character of both men. You would be hard pressed to find another college freshman who not only doesn’t have a problem with his dad joining him for his experience, but is actually excited about it.”

    Emmaus Bible College, enrolling mostly traditional 18 to 22 year old students, has the rare opportunity of educating a senior citizen as a junior in the classroom. His age and life experience puts Paul in a unique spot as well. In classes and on the court, this dedicated husband and father (and grandfather!) is an incredible example to the younger students and players surrounding him. 

    Emmaus men’s basketball coach Robert Kimble agrees: ”The Lord has blessed Emmaus Bible College with the father-son example of Paul and Caleb Ruter. I have a tremendous amount of respect for their commitment to their school, their team, and each other. It’s been a pleasure coaching these guys.”

    Father and son are in the Teacher Education program at Emmaus, both aspiring to become teachers—Paul in elementary education, and Caleb in secondary education.  For years, Paul’s own father dreamed that his son would one day become a teacher, and that dream will soon be fulfilled as Paul sets up his own classroom.

    Both Caleb and Paul are surprised at the press their story has received. The original story that aired on CBS Minnesota station WCCO has been picked up by over 60 stations across the country, and the duo will be interviewed on Fox News’ morning show “Fox & Friends" this Sunday, January 12, at around 8:20am.

    The emotional appeal of this story has undoubtedly played a part in its viral spread. For a father who loves his kids and loves sports, this is a dream come true. 

    “I kind of pinch myself all the time,” Paul says. “I get to play ball with my son.”


    UPDATE: Here is the link to the “Fox & Friends” interview:

    image image

  • Emmaus Father/Son Duo on ESPN

    A great article about father/son duo Paul and Caleb Ruter at Emmaus! What a unique and incredible opportunity for these two. Watch, read, enjoy, and share!

    UPDATE: This story made national news! The Ruters and Emmaus are featured on national sports news network ESPN!

    Emmaus Father/Son Duo on ESPN
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