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Journey Submission Guidelines


Guidelines for submitting an article to Journey Magazine

  • We prefer articles to be written in Microsoft Word (version 2000 or above) and to be delivered electronically.
  • Articles should be spell checked and should contain appropriate English grammar.
  • Single space after end punctuation.
  • Sentence punctuation should be placed after parenthetical references at the end of the sentence.
    • Ex. "I love Journey (magazine)."
    • NOT: "I love Journey (magazine.)"
  • Use an "en dash" with no spaces between numerals and an "em dash" when used as a sentence break. 
    • Ex. "5–6"
    • NOT: "5 - 6"
    • Ex.  "We love Journey—all of it!"
    • NOT: "We love Journey - all of it!"
  • Add outline-style sub-headings to articles to break up long paragraphs and increase readability.

To submit an article for review, click here.