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Iron Sharpens Iron

Many of the issues facing the Church today are common to our local assemblies as well. As a movement, although we value the autonomy of the local church, we also recognize the interdependence of our assemblies, and desire to work together as we identify solutions to the issues we face. Iron Sharpens Iron is an annual forum for sharpening one another's vision and skills for building the local church. Email Jesse Lange to order CD audio or DVD video of past ISI conferences.

The Glory of the Gospel (2013)

May 23-26, 2013

Plenary Speakers included: Dr. D.A. Carson, Alexander Strauch, and Mark Stevenson

Home Improvement: Building Godly Families (2012)

May 24-27, 2012

Plenary Speakers included: Alex Strauch, Doyle Roth, Bob Deffinbaugh, David MacLeod, Paul and Nathan Bramsen

ISI 2011

God So Loved the World... Do We? (2011)

May 26-29, 2011

Plenary Speakers include: George Verwer, Ian Burness, Joel Hernandez, Alex Strauch, Paul and Nate Bramsen

Living the Truth: The Quest for Holiness (2010)

May 27-30, 2010

Plenary Speakers included: Dr. Charles Ryrie, Alexander Strauch, Mark Stevenson, Dr. David MacLeod

Truth Under Fire: Doctrinal Confusion in the Church (2009)

May 21-24, 2009

Plenary Speakers included: Dr. Norman Geisler, Alexander Strauch, Mark Stevenson, Dr. David MacLeod

Truth Under Fire website

Train Your Church to Know the Word (2008)

May 22-25, 2008

Plenary speakers included: Ken Daughters, Jon Glock, Alex Strauch

Train Your Church website


Building a Caring Church (2007)

May 24-27, 2007

Plenary Speakers included: Alex Strauch, Larry Dixon, Bill Mcrae 

Building a Caring Church website