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Commended Workers and Missionary Dependent Scholarship

  • $4,000 per year, renewable
  • No application required
  • Dependents of commended workers among the Plymouth Brethren listed in the Assembly Address Book or possess a letter of commendation from their local assembly
  • Dependents of missionaries listed in the prayer handbooks published by Christian Missions in Many Lands (USA), Missionary Service Committee (Canada), Echoes of Service (England), Australian Missionary Tidings (Australia), Global Connections in Missions (New Zealand), etc.
  • Dependents of commended workers and missionaries are encouraged to apply for the Stewards Ministries Scholarship at:
  • Dependents of missionaries who have a letter from their mission board or agency to show that they are serving as full time missionaries
  • Cannot be combined with Full-Time Ministry Dependent Scholarship
  • Student must have cumulative 2.0 High School GPA or 2.0 college cumulative GPA for initial award
  • Maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA at Emmaus