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At Emmaus, you'll come to know Jesus better as you experience first-rate academic instruction, service, fun, fellowship, and - most importantly - a personal connection with the Word of God. This is the road that leads to what's real: your relationship with Jesus Christ. Check out the top three reasons you should consider Emmaus Bible College...

1. Solid Academics

Emmaus provides intensive academic programs and extensive study of the Bible. To discover God and His plan for your life there is no better combination. All Emmaus students graduate with a degree in Biblical Studies, but can double major in other areas. Because Emmaus is an accredited institution of higher education, we ensure challenging classes taught by credentialed faculty. Our one-year Certificate in Biblical Studies provides students with a comprehensive overview of God's Word and a foundation that will last a lifetime.

2. Dynamic Student Life

A good portion of Emmaus life happens outside of the classroom! Our Student Government is proactive in providing opportunities for the student body to have good, clean fun. They sponsor events such as our annual Poetry and Talent Night, Spring Banquet, Emmaus Family Christmas, Chicago trips, and Winterfest. In addition, they host game nights, Prayer and Praise on Saturday evenings, and even provide snacks for the student body at some of our intercollegiate athletic events.

Our Resident Assistants are carefully selected and trained to provide good floor bonding experiences through activities such as floor parties, playing some intramural sports as a floor, and Thursday morning floor devotions during our regularly scheduled chapel time.

All of our students are involved in some form of Christian service, including (but not limited to) AWANA, Friday Nighters, youth work, evangelism, prison ministry, singing at nursing homes, and helping out at the local multi-cultural center. These Christian service opportunities provide practical ways for our students to apply what they are learning in the classroom.

Additionally, over 30% of our students are involved in our music programs, and nearly all members of the student body (upwards of 90%) take part in our intramural sports programs.

Needless to say, you'll find it hard to be bored at Emmaus!

3. Close Relationships

With a relatively small student body you won't "get lost in the crowd." Students quickly develop meaningful friendships, not only with each other, but also with our caring faculty.  As our students have said...

"I couldn't believe it! During my first semester at Emmaus I developed genuine and deep relationships with my professors. I have frequently visited them at their houses and have grown to know their families. They don't just teach us, they disciple us."

"I met great people my first day on campus, some who have become my closest friends. We come from all over the world and we are all so different, but it's like family. We are bonded in Christ."

The friendships you'll make at Emmaus will last your whole lifetime...and longer!


We hope you'll consider joining us on the road to what's real (Luke 24:13-27). Come visit our campus in Dubuque, Iowa to check us out for yourself. Get to know people here. Ask questions and have them answered. See what it feels like to live and learn at Emmaus. And expect to have lots of fun!