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Teacher Education Department

Where are our Graduates?

Our graduates use their bachelor’s degrees and Iowa teacher certification to fulfill a variety of ministry and career roles around the world. Iowa teacher certification will allow graduates to serve as teachers in public and private schools throughout the United States. A bachelor’s degree in education is a great foundation for teaching in a home school, doing curriculum writing or program planning at camps. Some graduates choose to serve on the mission field, teaching in settings from Africa to South America.


Public School

Jesse Stoltz

Special Education Teacher
Jefferson Middle School
Dubuque, Iowa


Christian School

Amy Deligdisch

Second Grade Teacher
Metrolina Christian Academy
Indian Trail, North Carolina

“Emmaus taught me how to reach the whole of every learner. Having a wide variety of students requires a wide variety of instruction types, and Emmaus prepared me to use them.”



Erica Chavez

Classical Conversations Coordinator
Dubuque, Iowa

"Emmaus has prepared me to work with various learning styles and to incorporate effective classroom management techniques. I am working with four and five year old students at our local Classical Conversations group located in Dubuque, IA and I am thankful for the specific instruction concerning learning styles and classroom management that I received while at Emmaus. I believe the instruction I received while at Emmaus has helped me to better plan for the different students that I work with on a weekly basis."



Mindy Seeman

2nd grade teacher
Roselyn Academy
Nairobi, Kenya

"I am so grateful for the strong biblical foundation I received through Emmaus. I was very blessed to be part of the first group of student teachers from Emmaus who were able to student teach overseas. That had been my dream ever since I first went into education."