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Music Department

Music Program

Music Scholarships 

Music Scholarships support Emmaus Bible College’s commitment to train qualified student musicians from any major for leadership roles in the Emmaus Ensemble.  Music scholarships ($400) are available to incoming students interested in singing in the Ensemble.  One of these scholarships may be awarded to a student who would like to play the piano for the Ensemble (this student may also audition to sing in the Ensemble when performing a cappella music).  An audition is required for any student interested in participating in the Ensemble, and students must audition by June 1st to be eligible for a scholarship.

Audition Requirements 

  • Voice: One piece that best demonstrates your range and ability (such as an art song in English or a foreign language, hymn, contemporary piece, musical theater piece, etc.)
    • *Audition will also include exercises to test your range, ear, and reading ability

  • Piano: One classical piece or hymn arrangement and a choral accompaniment that will be sent to you prior to your audition
    • *Audition may include some basic sight-reading

Please refer any questions about audition requirements to the Music Department Chair:  Miss Elisa Cooper, (563) 588-8000 x1302;

To begin the scholarship application process, visit our online Audition Form page at the link below.




Who must audition?

An audition is required of all students wishing to participate in the Emmaus Ensemble and for all students seeking a music scholarship.

When are the scholarship auditions?

Auditions will be scheduled on an individual basis after you submit your online audition form.

How do I request an audition?

Prospective students to Emmaus Bible College begin the audition process by submitting the online music audition form.  Upon acceptance of your audition form, the Music Director will contact you to set up your on-campus audition.

What if I cannot attend an on-campus audition?

If you are unable to make a campus visit to audition, you may request an audition via skype.  The director will contact you to schedule that audition after you have submitted your online form.

What should I perform for my audition?

Prepare music to demonstrate your current level of technical ability, musical understanding and expression. Consult with your music teacher or director for guidance on selections.  See audition requirements listed above for more details.

What if I need an accompanist for the campus audition?

Pianists are available for your audition.  If you plan to sing from memory, be sure to bring a copy of the music for the pianist.  If you plan to sing with music, bring two copies of the music (one for you and one for the pianist).

What kind of music scholarship assistance is available?

Music Scholarships support qualified student musicians from any major in leadership roles in the Emmaus Ensemble. Scholarships are typically $400 per year and are renewable.

Can students in any major be considered for music scholarships?

Yes, Music Scholarships are available to any student, regardless of major. 

Can I still audition for the Ensemble after June 1st?

Students pursuing a music scholarship must audition by June 1st, but students may still audition for the Ensemble through orientation and the first two days of classes.

What are the requirements for maintaining a music scholarship?

Awardees must enroll, perform, and demonstrative positive leadership in Ensemble each semester. They must additionally continue to be a full-time student and meet minimum standards of satisfactory academic progress.

When will I hear about my application and scholarship?

Scholarship decisions will begin to be made in early April and will continue to be awarded through early June on a funds available basis.  Remember: 1) consideration for music awards and entrance into Ensemble is contingent upon a student’s successful application and admittance to Emmaus Bible College; and 2) any music scholarship award may be only a part of a larger financial aid package.

What if I have more questions?

For information on financial aid, call the Financial Aid Director, Steve Seeman, at (800) 397-2425, ext. 1309  or email at

For more information on the Department of Music and music scholarships, call (563) 588-8000, ext 1302 or email the Director, Miss Elisa Cooper, at