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Posted by Jesse Fullan on February 20, 2012 @ 9:24 AM

By Cassidy Baker

I came to Emmaus three and a half years ago slightly blinded to what was to come. I think it was a combination of wanting to get away from the world, and wanting to be a better person that caused me to charge into something so foreign. I was not at all scared. I was ready to be on my own, although what I was actually going to do once I got there was still a little hazy.

My guidance counselor in high school had a big impact on me, so I thought I might try a similar route as she had. Emmaus’ minor in Biblical Counseling would not qualify me for such a position, but I knew Emmaus was where God wanted me to be so I decided to put my career goals on hold to follow the Lord’s leading.

As I listened to professors like Mr. Mathew and Dr. Smith share their wisdom and experience in the field of counseling, I knew that the choice I made was leading somewhere very exciting. My interest in the areas of administration and of helping hurting people began to grow.

More importantly, my understanding of and love for the Lord continues to grow enormously. While in a sense I did get away from the world, I have also grown in my compassion for the world. And although I hope that I continually become a better person, I realize that my focus should be on how I can better glorify God.

After three years at Emmaus, the official Counseling Psychology major was introduced. I decided to pursue this option and will graduate in May with this degree. I am confident that the Lord designed my time here in such a way that I would receive the knowledge and understanding I need for life at exactly the right time.

As a result I have direction, goals, and hope in my future. I hope to spend time at His Mansion and eventually be part of starting a residential rehabilitation center here in the Midwest.

In a lot of ways, it feels as though the pieces have all fallen in place effortlessly, and the truth is, some things did happen that way. But I am blessed to be led ultimately by the Lord and also guided by loving, godly people here at Emmaus whom He has put in my path to help me to get to this point.

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